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So you made it to this page…


What do you really want to know about me?


Do you want to talk about growing up as the youngest of 7?


Or would you rather about how I lived in

Panama for 7.5 years?


Do you want to learn about how I built my business to be able to move back with a family and without working your typical 9-5?


Or compare notes on being a Mom of 2 toddlers?


Maybe you are really here cause you want to learn why I became a virtual strategist…


If that is the case, then…


After working as a virtual assistant for over 8 years, I kept on having this ongoing thought that I wasn’t really a virtual assistant…


I was writing strategies, being asked to train people, speaking to groups about social media to entrepreneurs, and something a virtual assistant never does…


I was talking back (or pushing back, whatever you want to call it,) and telling my clients when they were wrong and how to really improve their online presence. I wasn’t just taking orders.


But I’m not one to jump into big decisions quickly, it took me months to officially decide to make the jump to being a virtual strategist. So if you are ready to collaborate and really make your online presence come alive. 


Let’s talk.


And sure you can ask me about any of the above topics, I’m here for it.

Just a few clicks away...

Jaemy Mae Virtual Strategist

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