Good Things Take Time

Creating a strong online presence takes time. How much time?

Growing a pineapple takes time. How much?

In some places, a pineapple can be produced in 12-13 months, with chemicals in as little as 9 months.

In other places, like here in Panama, it takes much longer 20-26 months, with chemicals in 12 months.

How long it takes to grow your online presence will depend on several factors:

  • Content
  • Effort
  • Values
  • Voice
  • And More
Then there is how well you take care of it:
  • Strategy
  • Influencers
  •  Earned Marketing
  • Consistency
  • Engagement 
  • And more

Every brand has it’s a journey. With a little help, you can make sure you are on the right track to optimizing your online presence but don’t expect it to happen overnight. 

Organic growth comes with time. 

When I start helping a business with its online presence, I go back to the basics. Helping them first make sure that they have a solid branding kit. This kit will be what we refer to constantly to make sure that I am helping them create a consistent brand. 

Your website is the home base of your online presence, social media, and google business give you strength and send people back to your website. I make sure to take good care of your content so that it grows at it’s optimal pace. 

How is your online presence? What goals do you have? How are you going to achieve them? Schedule an appointment with me, I can help you come up with a plan to grow your online presence.