Comprehensive Virtual Strategy

This includes everything!!


I look at everything you have online and all the possibilities to improve, then I will pick the best options for your business.


This will be your complete guide to getting your online presence where it ought to be from your website, google business, link building, and directories, SEO, social media profile updates, posting frequencies, content ideas, reputation management, and much more!

Social Media Strategy

When creating a social media strategy I dig in deep.

First, I look at where you are and where you want to be.

Then, I look at your target market. Not only who they are but where they are hanging out online, when they are on, and with whom they are engaging.

Then I use my knowledge, research, and the never-ending changes and updates in the social media world to create the best possible social media strategy for your business. 

I review the plan every month to see if any adjustments that need to be made.

Social Media Management

Where to begin… A lot of work goes into social media management.


I start with a content calendar outline.


Followed by content creation. My goal is to create well-balanced content that helps people see your mission, purpose, skills, credibility, and personality.


Then there is posting, to have some advantage in the algorithm I do organic posting. That means business suite or creation studio for Facebook and Instagram, scheduling options inside of Twitter and TikTok, and by hand on LinkedIn.


Then perhaps the most important aspect, engagement. When you add value to other people’s content you build relationships, make them think of you, and increase your own reach and following.

Analytics and Insights

I track more than just followers and page visits.


At the end of every month, I enter all of the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators,) into Excel, and make graphs to see progress.


I create a PDF for you with those graphs and an explanation of what we did well and what we can do better.


Someone recently referred to it as the bacon…

Website Design and Building

Your website plays a major role in getting you business!


It ought to shine!


First I design the website layout, then we can work on the content and the colors, then if desired I create a complete in color design of the site. 


Then we are ready for the build, whether you want a site built with WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace. I’ve got your back.


Lastly, we edit, and make any desired changes.

Email Marketing and Management

Email is a great permission based marketing strategy!


It allows you to build relationships and award those that support you!


And yes, I can help with that inbox too…

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