“Jaemy had been my virtual assistant for over 7 years. During that time, I have seen my speaking business double in size. Jaemy has played a key role in that growth. She handles all of my social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. She also plays a significant part in my website to ensure the activities I do engage in a funnel into the website to drive SEO. In a large part due to her, I hold the #1 spot on several search engines in the category in which I speak as an employee retention speaker and author. This has clearly positively impacted my bottom line. Jaemy also is ready at a moment’s notice to help me out when I need documents prepared or to have them upgraded so that they truly look professional and reflect the image of my firm. Her creativity adds a dimension that I am unable to do. Her dedication, dependability, and willingness to jump in on tasks makes my life so much easier and helps the business run well. We work seamlessly together so I don’t have to manage her activities. In fact, Jaemy keeps me on track with many of the things we work on together. Lastly, she is a fountain of ideas that she will put in front of me to help grow my business. If you are looking for someone that is fully engaged, hardworking, and conscientious…you are looking for Jaemy.”

Jeff Kortes – Speaker, Author Consultant
“One of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner is hiring Jaemy. Right from the start, it was clear that she pushes herself to do the best job for her clients. She’s not content just knowing what she knows and doing what she does. She constantly strives to learn more and level up, to stay ahead of the game and be a true expert. She’s designed my social media strategy. She manages my social media accounts. She is the voice of the public-facing side of my business. And when I need her to push me to be better, she does. Jaemy is a gem. I trust her completely.”
– Nika Kabiri – PH.D.- Consultant, Author, Professor, Speaker
“Jaemy Mae is a valuable and I recommend her without reservation. I’ve worked with Jaemy for years and am ever impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity she brings to social media management. When I’m overwhelmed by my consulting work, Jaemy is my secret weapon. She works independently, needs little guidance, or direction, and has a complete understanding of the nuances of each social network. You can trust her to improve your company’s digital presence and online reputation. My only problem with her work is that she doesn’t charge enough! Seriously! Hire her now while you can still afford her. She will outgrow you!”
Terra L. Fletcher – Consultant, Author, Speaker
“Jaemy graciously agreed to present at a group I co-facilitate and wow, did she deliver! Her presentation was well thought out, informative, and more importantly, engaging. Her expertise in building a network and sharing content had the Zoom chat room lighting up with questions and comments. She is a fabulous presenter with the ability to make a group feel like they are having a conversation with a good friend. I would highly recommend Jaemy for anyone wanting to grow their social media knowledge and presence.”
Kristen Bock – Coach
“Working with Jaemy has really helped our business connect with potential customers.  She has helped shape our marketing to resonate better with our customers by tying together visuals with compelling messaging that has driven much better engagement and sales.  Through better engagement we’ve been able to grow our social presence thereby connecting with our community more successfully.”
Erik Hutslar – Small business owner
Jaemy Mae Virtual Strategist

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