Authors, Speakers,
Consultants, and Coaches

it is time to
Stand Out In the Virtual Skyline!


That depends on where you are,
and where you are going.

think about:

Are you GROWING a business?
Or are you MAINTAINING one?

How is your WEBSITE?

Is it SEO-ready?

Are you present on SOCIAL MEDIA?

Do you provide an array of content packed with value?



I could go on but… let’s continue… because…

You are busy!!

And this may make you jealous... Sorry

But, I can help...

What is it like to work with a virtual strategist?

First, we will meet, I want to learn about your business and your goals.


Then, I will write up a comprehensive strategy outlining what we need to do to get your online presence where you want it to be.  This includes EVERYTHING from your website, and SEO, to social media profile updates, posting frequencies, and content ideas.

I will also write up a proposal to get it done. (All clients get a NICE DISCOUNT for the first 3 MONTHS after investing in a comprehensive strategy!!)


At the end of the month, I ALWAYS include an analytical report and ideas to improve. I will let you know about any changes in the virtual world that you need to know.

You can meet with me on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending on your needs.

Jaemy Mae Virtual Strategist

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